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LED Separated Solar Street Lights B project 200W :  S03B-200W

Factory model: S03B engineering street light
Solar panel: polycrystalline 6V60 watts, input voltage 5V
Battery: Lithium iron phosphate battery 3.2V 54000MAh (9 knots)
SMD lamp beads: 3A chip 3030 model 88 lamp beads, color temperature 6000-6500k
Material: Aluminum alloy
Certification: CE-ROS
Waterproof rating: IP65 Operating temperature: -15 ° C - 80 ° C
Color rendering index: 80 Light efficiency: 98% Luminous flux: 3680
Charging time: 4-6H
Lighting time: 3-5 rainy days
Irradiation area: pavement length 50 meters
Control mode: intelligent dimming remote control + light control
Packing number: 5 pieces/box of solar panels 2 pieces/box of lamp holders Temporary use of packing sizes, it is recommended to pack one box, solar panels and lamps together
Lamp box size: 66*30*32cm
Lamp body size: 620*300mm
Board size: 700*700mm
Board body weight: 25Kg / box
Lamp holder weight: 15.2Kg / box
Installation method: rod loading (quote does not include solar panel fixing bracket, no pole, no lamp arm)
Recommended installation height: 6-8 meters
Product standard: 1 lamp + split solar panel 1 + remote control 1


Zhongshan Guzhen Huapai Lighting Factory 

Address:Building 3, Pioneer Park, Gusan Industrial Zone, Guzhen, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China

Sales Contact: William




QQ: 2908498480



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